France: to save the planet, four NGOs attack the state in court

The Foundation for Nature and Man, Greenpeace France, Our Business & agrave; All and Oxfam France have started. a lawsuit against the French state for failure to act on climate change. Their goal is ...

The Foundation for Nature and Humankind, Greenpeace France, Our Affair to All and Oxfam France have filed a lawsuit against the French State for inaction on climate change. Their goal is to get the government to react on this issue.

This is a way to force the hand to the government: four organizations complained Monday, December 17, 2018 against the state for climate inaction. This action is brought for " misconduct " in the administrative court. According to the Constitution and the European Convention on Human Rights, the state must ensure the protection of human security, the environment, or even health. Principles that according to Oxfam France, Greenpeace France, Our Affair to All and the Foundation for Nature and Man are not respected.

An action that is not only symbolic

The presidents and general managers of these organizations are hammering it out: it is not a symbolic action. It's not just symbolic. We are here to win this recourse and make things happen, "confirms Audrey Pulvar, president of the Foundation for Nature and Man, created in 1990 by Nicolas Hulot .

The state is totally below expectations. We alerted, we mobilized, we petitioned, we did general interest lobbying for years. With a lot of consistency and education we realize that it does not produce enough effects. From now on, we are going through justice, "continues Pulvar.


Despite numerous scientific alerts for several years, France does not respect its commitments made in this area. It is in the face of this inaction that these associations have decided to attack the state.

The state has two months to respond to this appeal. If the answer does not satisfy the NGOs, they will proceed in March 2019 to file the appeal before the Administrative Court of Paris. It will take at least a year and a half for justice to deal with the case, " says Marie Toussaint, president of Our affair to all and delegate Europe and youth of EELV (Europe Ecology Greens).

All populations are affected

Climate change affects all the inhabitants of the planet. Fourteen citizens rallied to launch this initiative.NGOs seek to mobilize citizens by having them sign the " Deal of the Century " so that they commit to this climate change and make the state react. By supporting the process, they give the opportunity to make their voices heard before and during the trial, " the organizers smile.

Since 1999 I have experienced three centennial storms. I notice this climate change because my village is located -5 meters below the level of the highest seas. Whenever the swell rises at the bottom of the garden we remember Xynthia (a storm that hit the Atlantic coast in 2010, ed). I fight for, because if we give up, it's fucked "testifies in particular Jean-François Périgné, mussel farmer in Oléron, on the Atlantic coast.


Youtubers and several celebrities support this action, such as actress Marion Cotillard, comedian Elie Semoun or singer Abd Al Malik. 
The four associations hope to win this battle. In 2013, the Bays were also attacked by an NGO and citizens. The Dutch state was sentenced on appeal to boost its climate ambition last October.