Story of Climate Change in iTunes stores now!

Students watch glaciers melt, dive into the world’s coral reefs, and explore bike share programs all from their tablet! The Story of Climate Change is a new, active way of learning through multimedia to connect middle school students beyond pages and vocabulary words into the practical applications of climate science.

Each of The Story of Climate Change’s six chapters includes informative videos, fun interactive resources, critical thinking activities, as well as review and discussion questions to reinforce unit concepts. Keep students in tune with the latest climate science and research—all for FREE!
Dr. James E. Hansen, former NASA scientist and current Director of Program on Climate Science, Awareness, and Solutions at Columbia University endorsed the Story of Climate Change, “A story children need to read—and understand.” 

We also offer a FREE Teacher’s Guide for download, fully equipped with handy resources to help educators make the most out of every chapter.



The Story of Climate Change breaks down the complexity of climate change into bite size chunks, replete with interactive resources…a game changer for climate education in the American classroom and the world. No matter what grade you teacher from k-16 there is something in this book for you.”  

 Joshua SneidemanAuthor & Former Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellow, Department of Energy

 “The Story of Climate Change digital textbook is a valuable new resource for middle school students and teachers wanting to dive into the topic of climate change in a fun, interactive way. The book's overall light, fun tone is perfectly suited for middle schoolers and interactive graphics and quizzes let students play around with the resource in their own way…”

-- Rebecca AndersonDirector of Education, 
Alliance for Climate Education

“This digital textbook brings the climate science basics to life using a multimedia approach to engage students from videos to images and graphs…For teachers looking to expand beyond the content, the discussion and review guides at the end of the chapters are great launch points.”

 -- Erin Twamley, Author & Education Specialist,
Department of Energy