Spanish island will become the world’s first 100% powered by renewable energy

El Hierro, an island off the coast of Spain has developed an independent energy grid, relying on wind and hydro power and removing itself from the need of oil imports.

The island, itself, is home to about 10,000 people. The wind-hydro power station includes a wind farm with five wind turbines of 2.3 MW each, a pump unit, a hydroelectric plant, two dams and a desalination plant. Currently, the hydro energy produces enough to sustain the island, but the wind turbines will produce extra; allowing them to transport freshwater to a resevoir 2,300 feet above sea-level. This resevoir can be used in times of need, releasing water through generators and producing extra electricity.

The island is now interested in running its 6,000 vehicles entirely on electricity by 2020.